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MindSet always appreciates feedback from our valued patients. To date, we’re thrilled to have collected 14 reviews with an average rating of 4.93 out of 5 stars. Please read what others are saying about MindSet below, and as always, we would love to collect your feedback.

Tracy B.
Submitted 07/24/21
I never thought in my life time and having MS that I would find a Dr who could help me with my depression, fatigue and sleeping without Rx drugs. I had so much more energy. Making me feel like I had a normal day. Dr Murphy’s staff were very professional and so friendly, I will miss seeing them daily.
Ashton A.
Submitted 07/24/21
Wonderful staff & facility! Treatments are easy and saw the progress my brain made with constant check ins.
Brad W.
Submitted 07/23/21
Highly recommended I normally don’t take the time to do reviews even when pleased - but this is different. I saw results after initial visit. Sleeping better. More energy. More productive. Friends, family and business contacts have commented about the difference. Not sure what more to say. Wish I would have had this treatment years ago. I’m had 5 total now and honestly feel continued improvement - mentally and emotionally. I’m a fan absolutely
Ivory S.
Submitted 06/12/21
I am a 9 year retired NFL veteran that felt like I was slowing down and especially my brain. Forgetfulness, slowed response time in conversations, memory lapses, less alertness, searching for words when talking to people, lack of deep sleep are the symptoms I have been experiencing for several years now. I can tell that it is and will get progressively worse as I grow older. This was all before I went to Mindset and experienced the remarkable technology that they have to offer! Since receiving treatments at Mindset, I have experienced new found energy, clarity of thought and memory, great deep sleep, and clear general awareness of my circumstances. To put it into words that explain it best, I don’t have what feels like tired brain anymore!! Remarkable.
Clay N.
Submitted 11/10/20
After suffering from extreme depression, irritability, and other mental health issues from a severe TBI for a year and a half, Mindset prTMS has helped me more than anything. I am so beyond thankful for the staff that mindset and the treatment protocol that has slowly been getting me back to life. When I originally went in I was hardly functioning, but over the course of treatment I have begun to return to work and school. I am not perfect and all of my symptoms are not gone yet, but the prTMS has been the most helpful thing for my TBI and giving me my mental headspace back. I am beginning to move forward in life again. At first I didn’t notice it, but then within a few weeks looking back I was beginning to look at life way more positive and felt much more comfortable with looking at the future and overall my mindset literally just changed and stopped going to the bad thoughts and I just started thinking and feeling better. I would recommend to anyone suffering mood/mental issues post TBI/concussion.
Kevin S.
Submitted 06/25/20
I didn’t know what to expect, but I got more than I expected. I have struggled with ADHD as an adult, and have been in involved in mental health treatment for some 30 years (both receiving care, providing care and working with electronic health records helping providers help clients). Invariably, seeking mental health treatment all too often leads to being offered medication. Not that medication is a bad solution, but I had always hoped that there could be non-medication solutions to issues like depression, PTSD, and any autism spectrum disorders that as the research is beginning to find, ADHD belongs. ADHD meds are basically amphetamines, and I simply don’t like some (most) of the side effects of these. I was very encouraged when I heard about Mindsets prTMS treatment, and that there were indications that ADHD symptoms can be reduced with TMS treatments. I can report that I am very pleased with my results so far. I have noted that my sense of always being driven by a motor has reduced, I liken it to the motor is idling at a lower RPM. My anxiety lowered, and I honestly would have never self-reported as feeling ‘anxious’, yet due to the treatment I recognized feeling less anxiety. I feel this treatment is really revolutionary since it’s not medication based. As of this writing, I am about 75% through my treatments, and am also noticing an easier time getting up in the morning, where as I have always had to ‘phase in’ in the morning before I would really wake up. I am looking forward to finishing up and seeing what more benefits I notice. The staff were wonderful as well, very friendly and professional, and I have really enjoyed my whole experience at Mindset.
Troy C.
Submitted 05/02/20
What amazing experience! I had TMS treatment years ago and this is leaps and bounds far better than I could have ever imagined. PrTMS at MindSet, the staff, the facility, Dr. Murphy, every aspect of this facility have inspired hope. I have been in treatment almost 2 weeks now. I am already starting to see the initial results, sleeping better, impulse control, and overall well-being. If you or a loved one are wondering if this is the real deal, I suggest you call the practice, make an appointment and see for yourself. My life feels like it is changing for the positive! T r o y A . C r e g a r
Lisa G.
Submitted 01/07/20
If I could give Dr Murphy and his treatments 100 stars I would. His treatments were a game changer for me. He gave me my life back after I sustained a concussion in August 2016. I suffered for two years with awful symptoms including dizziness, headaches, extreme fatigue, confusion, short term memory loss, noise sensitivity, light sensitivity and so much more. It is a very lonely injury. I missed out on life. It was hard for me to even hold a conversation without getting symptoms and I am very social person. My husband and I have five boys and I missed so many of their athletic events and school events because I couldn't handle the crowds or noise. I missed out on family Christmas parties and gatherings. The drugs that UCSF put me on were awful and I was in bed most of the six months dealing with side effects from them. I tried everything; cranial sacral, acupuncture, deprivation tanks, chiropractic work, special massages, special diets and nothing worked. They all helped but nothing got me over the hump until Dr. Murphy. He didn't treat the symptoms like other doctors but he treated the brain. The idea being, you heal the brain then the symptoms will disappear. And they did! I got my life back. His personalized TMS is like no other. When I needed a little boost for my brain, I tried a local TMS facility thinking I could possibly get the same outcome but I was so wrong. It was very different and actually caused headaches and discomfort. I went to each session with dread where with Dr. Murphy's personalized TMS treatments, I ran into the facility and loved every treatment. It is painless and actually feels good. I left happy and feeling better than ever from Mindset. The local TMS facility left me with blurry vision, extreme fatigue, out of it feeling and headaches. It was too hard on my brain. During the session, I felt awful like it was too hard on my brain and it physically hurt at times. Dr. Murphy's treatment is unique, personalized and works! It is not the typical TMS you hear about. It is VERY different! I am living proof of this. I am off all the medications and living life again without fears of headaches or symptoms. I am so grateful to him and his staff for giving me my life back.
Kathy M.
Submitted 11/08/19
Being a cancer patient, I was having trouble sleeping and having severe anxiety and depression, the treatments helped me tremendously. The staff is AMAZING AND VERY PLEASANT. The doctor is awesome. The treatments were supposed to be for my husband who is a disabled veteran. When I saw the results of his treatment, I had to experience it for myself and I am so happy I did. I recommend you try the treatments too. You will feel different and it's all because of this wonderful doctor and the treatments at Mind Set he provides. The bed side manner he displays shows that it is not about the money for him. He really cares about people and he is a good listener. See for yourself, it's worth it.
James R.
Submitted 11/01/19
Absolutely amazing service with Dr. Murphy's team! I am a former Marine Infantry Officer, and have suffered from hyper-vigilance, subconscious anxiety, and terrible sleep patterns for 15 years since my first combat deployment to Iraq. Even only a few weeks into treatment with Dr. Murphy, I was able to fall asleep quickly and actually sleep through the night! That alone changed my life completely! I have also experienced a significant reduction in anxiety dreams, as well as anxiety during the day. My focus and capacity at work have definitely increased. The staff is incredibly kind, patient, and generous. This is amazing treatment that is easy and non-invasive, and the treatment happens in a supportive and relaxing environment. If you're brain feels off in any way, you must meet with Dr. Murphy so he can explain how he can help you!
Samuel M.
Submitted 10/17/19
Positive experience overall but only producing some results at the end of the 2 month treatments.
Patience P.
Submitted 10/15/19
Mindset is a professional group of caring people who work very hard together to help improve the lives of their patients. My experience with mindset reduced my disabling symptoms and gave me back my life.
C L.
Submitted 10/10/19
Mindset helped me lower my anxiety and sleep better, ultimately improving my quality of life! Thank you!
Geraldine G.
Submitted 10/02/19
Life changing treatment!